It was 24 years ago when George Esquivel bought his first pair of vintage shoes, a pair of Florsheim long-wings in brown pebble leather. The designer went on to build his namesake footwear brand, gaining recognition for his innovative styles, all handmade in California.
As we all know, the world is small, and through an elaborate chain of connections and friends, John and Tom Florsheim were introduced to George Esquivel. With a shared love for craftsmanship, quality materials and innovation – they began discussing a collaboration. John and Tom’s great-grandfather, Milton Florsheim, established the brand in 1892 in a small Chicago factory. In an effort to return to those humble roots and continue the brand’s rich, longstanding reputation for quality, craftsmanship and expertise, Florsheim partnered with the innovative George Esquivel.

Truly handcrafted luxury, each pair is entirely handmade. Symbolizing the collection’s collaborative spirit, each pair is decorated with hand perforated toe medallions with the letters F and E.
Florsheim and Esquivel worked closely with the Wickett & Craig tannery, established in 1867 and based in Pennsylvania, to develop specialty custom pebble-grain leathers. Styles from the collection also feature hand burnishing as well as hand painted detailing by artisans at Esquivel’s atelier.
The collection is a celebration of American footwear, its legacy and its future.

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